Lets draw... BEAR HUGS

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Who's missing hugs!? I am! But for now while we all practise social distancing these Bear Hugs will have to do... perfect for Grandparents or other friends & relatives because who doesn't need a hug to arrive in the post at the moment!
Y O U   W I L L   N E E D:
plain paper (preferably A5 paper as a good size to post once folded)
coloured pens/pencils
1.  Fold in half
2.  Unfold the fold the sides into the middle
3.  Open out & draw along the folds to make a dome in the middle
4.  Add two circles to top for ears & two arms. Draw the arms right to the edge
5. Now cut out the bear shape
6. Give the bear a tummy, this creates writing space
Leave set up ready with the crayons and pencil so your child can get straight to it. Ready to add a face, colour in and add text.
You can adapt for different ages, older ones maybe able to cut it out themselves and even do all the drawing too.
Here's our Raff's creation...Grandma is going to love this arriving in the post. 
H A V E  F U N
A simple speedy activity to enjoy and spread some love during this unusual time.
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