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Happy half term to you all... do hope you're managing to get through the week ok with all these rainy days and you're managing to stay safe in the floods.
My boys (ages 5 and 7) have spent half their break by the coast with their grandparents. Very lucky boys! 
This weeks drawing activity is along the sea theme... a simple start to encourage your littles to create a boat, or yacht, or cruise ship, or a fishing boat, or their own floating creation.
Y O U   W I L L   N E E D:
plain paper
coloured pens/pencils
Tandem Green Lets Draw Boat blog
1.  Place the paper in a landscape position
2.  Draw a wavy line for the sea about a 5cm from the bottom of the page
3.  Add the sides to the base of the boat
4.  Join the sides together with a line across
Leave set up ready with the crayons and pencil so your child can get straight to it.  If they need any encouragement you could mention some different boats they could draw, or suggest a boat for their favourite character or their friends/family.
Tandem Green Lets Draw Boat blog
Here's our Raff adding all sorts of creatures both above and below deck.
Tandem Green Lets Draw Boat blog
H A V E  F U N
A simple speedy activity that hopefully sparks some creativity this half term.
We love to see your creations, don't forget to share @TandemGreen on Facebook or Instagram

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