Bridal Bingo Hen Party Game Cards

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BINGO!!! Not any old bingo... this is Hen Party Bingo! Bring out the competitive side in your hen party guests with this fun bridal bingo hen party game!

15 FREE name stickers are available with every order too... just to make your hen party planning even easier!


-Play in teams or individually and provide each with a pen and bingo card

-Each guest/team fills in the gaps with anything wedding related

-The bride fills in her own bingo card with her choices

-Once all complete the Bride calls our her choices

-Who ever has a full row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally yells 'BINGO' or a cheeky word of your choice to win

-Keep going until the bride has finished reading out all her choices. Awarding prizes to each team/guest who completes a line.

All cards are A5 in size and printed on quality card card.

Available in a pack of 4 or more.

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